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Passing on the business

Preparing for your retirement

Ideally, you will have a good pension scheme to provide a guaranteed income in retirement.  However, many business people find it impossible to set aside enough into a pension fund and need the business to support their retirement.  If you are pasing the business down the family there are ways of providing an income to the founder whilst allowing the next generation the scope they need to take the business forward.

Executorships, Trustees & Probate

Being appointed as an executor or trustee gives you significant responsibility.  Certain tasks must be accomplished in order to make sure assets are distributed according to the Will, Power of Attorney and the law.  Failing this leaves you personally liable to the beneficiaries.

Increasing Income

We look at the different types of investments available and make sure you are getting the best return possible.  We work with the expertise of your IFA to achieve the best results. 

Insurance & Assurance

Protecting yourself, your wealth and your family is important.


Maintaining your standard of living after retirement is something everyone hopes to accomplish. Let us help you get the most out of your retirement by planning a suitable exit strategy.

Savings / Investments / Schemes

Do you have the correct balance of savings / investment?  Underwood Barron can guide you on the most efficient ratio for you.

Trusts, Settlements & Estates

High wealth families often have family trusts which have been established by previous generations.  We have many years of experience dealing with family trusts for devolving, protection of assets and protection of beneficiaries.

Wealth Reviews & Protection

Wealth reviews and protection is a complicated issue to tackle.

Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney

Making a Will ensures that your assets and wealth are passed safely to the people you leave after your death.  We can minimise the impact of inheritance tax whilst protecting any surviving spouses or vulnerable family members.