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Effective Business

Corporate Structures & Trading Entities

There are advantages and disadvantages attached to the various types of business structure one can adopt. We can provide you with advice on these types of business whether as a sole trader, partnership, LLP, limited company or Plc and evaluate which structure is most appropriate to your specific requirements.

Financial Difficulties

We can find you the best way to exit or recover from a difficult financial situation.  We can also provide you with a relevant turnaround strategy.  We liaise with insolvency practitioners if necessary to provide this service.

Group Structures

It’s important to structure your business in the correct way to help ensure your assets, your trade and your investments are protected. 

Operational Resources

Sometimes lack of resources makes it difficult to take your business to the next level.  We can help you find ways to raise the finance to acquire the resources you need to expand your business.

Safeguarding Assets

We can help make sure your personal assets are safe and separate from the business liabilities should something unfortunate happen.

Succession Planning

You may benefit from handing the business down through family generations or to successive staff members.  We help protect everyone’s interest in the business. 

Tax Planning

We all have to pay tax but are you paying too much?  We can advise you or your business how to use tax laws to your advantage which often results in reducing the tax you pay.