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Acquisition, Sales and Mergers

We guide our clients in growing their businesses for sale, merger or as a long term income source.  We give advice on tax issues that present themselves during the transitional phase.

Company Formations

We have years of experience providing incorporation and start-up advice for new businesses.  We can help you register with the appropriate authorities, set up financial records and advise on matters such as insurance.


There are various government and European grants available.  We identify any for which you qualify and can assist with the applications.

Lifestyle Planning

Making the correct decisions about your finances can help you achieve your lifestyle goals.  We can identify where you are now, where you want to be and how you are going to get there.  Together we can put you on the path to financial security.


We can advise you on personal and commercial property management by providing you with guidance on issues such as availability, cost effectiveness, multiple properties, and parent/child mortgages.

Property & Estate Management

We provide the best solution to suit your specific needs in order to reduce time wastage.  We have experience in the current market for property and estate management solutions.  We offer you a comprehensive range of services which include budgeting, preparation and collection of service charges and payment of contractors and suppliers.

Succession Planning

When the time to pass a business onto the next generation occurs we can help with the preparation to ensure a smooth transition of the business.


Payroll calculations are often complex.  We can provide a trustworthy and reliable service so that you can concentrate on business matters.