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Minimising Taxation

Capital Gains Tax

Capital gains affect any person who makes a gain when disposing of chargeable assets.  This issue needs to be addressed when the sale is being considered and all gains need to be disclosed.  Timing can be crucial in deciding the perfect date to dispose of an asset so make sure you come to us for advice first.

Corporation Tax

Corporation tax often represents a substantial part of your trading costs and has harsh penalties for non compliance.  Talk to us about determining the most tax effective structure for your business.

Employee / Investor Schemes

The management of these schemes is complex but useful benefits for your employees can occur over several years.  We can discuss with you the various schemes available and the potential benefits received.

HMRC Investigations

When being faced with a tax investigation it is important you have an accountant you can rely on.  We have the staff and the knowledge to reduce the impact upon you, your family and your business whilst an investigation is being processed.  We offer fee protection cover and recommend this to all our clients.

Income Tax

Income tax is a tax on income received however not all income is taxable.  We advise our clients on how to minimise the amount of income tax payable to the government keeping your earnings where they belong – in your pocket.

Inheritance Tax

By planning inheritance tax in advance we can relieve unneeded stress that otherwise may have been inflicted on you and your family. We guide our clients into choosing the most effective way of protecting their wealth through a potentially difficult time. 

National Insurance

In our experience National Insurance is often overlooked by business owners.  We can offer advice and guidance on how to minimise National Insurance to reduce the risk of unforeseen charges.


Value added tax has become so complex that many businesses end up over or under paying VAT.  We act as your professional eye to ensure you are not falling foul of the regulations.