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Positive Finance

Finance & Turnaround Consultancy

While all employers want their businesses to be successful there are any number of situations that could potentially result in bankruptcy, redundancies and failure to pay debts. We can help your business if you are struggling to maintain a firm grip on costs or profitability.

Business Experience

We have decades of experience of dealing successfully with small and medium sized businesses.  As businessmen ourselves we understand the problems that can occur when least expected. We can advise and support you using our vast collective knowledge and experience. 

Corporate Governance

This is the way in which employees from all levels of a company hierarchy are required to perform their roles and responsibilities ethically and in accordance with laws and regulations.

Equity & Debt

Deciding whether to finance your business through debt or equity can be a daunting task when planning for business success.  We can help you decide on the most effective solution for you and your company. 

Insolvency Assessments

If you or your company are facing a financial situation, such as your liabilities exceeding your assets, you may require insolvency advice.  Let our knowledge of the subject find you a suitable solution.


Our accounting outsourcing services enables you to grow your business and client base without having to add to your staff and support infrastructure.   We give clients an opportunity to grow with the help of their existing resources. 

Risk Balance

We can provide clients with risk assessments allowing them to avoid issues before they occur.  We can also evaluate how your team and organisation are performing as a whole.

Strategic Planning

If you are trying to determine your long term goals or need advice on how to achieve them we can prepare a plan of strategy for you.